Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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REFINE, RESTORE, RESURFACE; Discover the new generation of clay masks and power of multimasking

23 Aug 2022

Face masks aren’t always a one-formula-fits-all technique. Introducing Minenssey’s Multimasking Range, three innovative masks that harness the best Australian Native active ingredients to improve skin health and deliver youthful, glowing results.

The Multimasking Range gives you the power to customise your masking routine based on your skincare requirements. Rather than applying one mask to the entirety of your complexion, select one of three masks – T-Zone, Z-Night, and O-Polish – to target your unique skin concerns and unlock your glow. These creamy, ceramide-rich masks have been expertly formulated to deliver refined pores, a restored skin barrier and a radiant complexion.

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