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Acne Studios present a Fall/Winter 2022 print collaboration with artist Martin Laborde

20 Aug 2022

As part of Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022 women’s collection, collaged and constructed works by artist Martin Laborde feature as prints on t-shirts, dresses, oversized jersey and silk scarves.

Born in Paris and based in Lisbon, Laborde’s works often feature images and objects resurrected as surreal “paintings”. Laborde confesses that he doesn’t work with themes, nor does he have prejudices or preferences towards any particular material. Instead, he uses things that are easily accessible and available – magazines, junk mail or publications found in a waiting room – materials that are “free to go, nothing sexy”, he says. To him, the forms his collages take are more an action than an image.

“I create as I go. There are forms that interest me, but it’s often more reactive, more instinctual. Sometimes ignoring something is as good as finding something. Sometimes the cut-out is more interesting backwards. And glueing something down changes it again. To see my work on textiles and being worn, it’s like how my collages turn something into something else, and now become something else again. There’s no mythology, no fidelity, and that’s exciting,” says Martin Laborde.

For the Acne Studios collaboration, prints of horses, flowers and fruits adorn a long green satin slip dress with tie-up straps, sky blue lurex t-shirt dress, white satin shirt, pale blue mesh poloneck, green oversized hoodie, white long- sleeve t-shirt, short-sleeve t-shirts in pink or white, cropped white top, white trousers, and square silk scarf.

Laborde directs his own artist-led film for the collaboration, offering a rare glimpse into his creative process. He also collaborated with Moni Haworth, director & actor based in LA, on a surreal film featuring Haworth’s daughter and her friend.

The Martin Laborde print pieces are now available in Acne Studios stores worldwide and online at acnestudios.com.

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