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Temple of the sun Luanches ZODIAC collection

18 Aug 2022

Following on from the success of their first solid gold collection, Lucia, Temple of the Sun are pleased to introduce Zodiac. Designed by Temple of the Sun’s founder and creative director Yonna Derofe, Zodiac is a twist on traditional star sign jewellery which has been worn for millennia.

Crafted by hand in ethical solid gold, Zodiac consists of twelve intricately hand-carved, double-sided pendant necklaces – a style for each zodiac sign. A truly personal expression designed to be worn every day, the collection makes a luxurious and meaningful gift for a loved one or to honour oneself.

Zodiac’s tablet style pendants are inspired by ancient Egyptian cartouche nameplates, with stacked lettering on one side and the symbol representing the zodiac sign on the other. True to Temple of the Sun’s modern ancient design philosophy, Zodiac celebrates archetypal symbology through exploration of the archaic roots of astrology. Modern-day astrology dates back to the Mesopotamian civilisation whose knowledge and study of the heavens was inherited by the Greeks, who created the modern Zodiac we know today - with each sign of the zodiac representing figures from ancient Greek mythology. Each necklace style draws upon the ancient Greeks symbolic representation of the 12 zodiac signs.

Each piece is hand-crafted in Byron Bay by Temple’s in-house artisan jewellers, using RJC certified recycled and responsibly sourced solid gold. Zodiac joins Temple of the Sun’s accredited, Australian Made jewellery offering, proudly certified to be crafted locally.

Launching on Tuesday 23rd August, the Zodiac collection further establishes Temple of the Sun as the destination for Australian made fine jewellery.

Zodiac will be available online at templeofthesun.com.au and from Temple of the Sun’s Byron Bay boutique where you can also visit the jewellers in the studio where the collection is made.


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