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These Fresh products will help you welcome spring

22 Aug 2022

Spring is around the corner and we know you have been waiting for it from the frigid winter temperatures past months. Getting excited about refreshing your skincare wardrobe? Here are 5 most popular Fresh products that will deliver the spring vibes to you:

Fresh’ 's best-selling face wash with soy proteins is now made even better for you. Soy Face Cleanser deeply cleanses while maintaining skin’s pH and increasing hydration—and it is scientifically proven to be effective on all skin types and tones. First created in 1999 and still a fan favorite, the iconic Soy Face Cleanser has a new limited-edition design created by the brand’s own employee Alexia Mouellic.

Not long ago, Fresh introduced Jumbo Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner – the brand’s most-loved liquid skincare treatment just got bigger and better. Infused with real rose petals floating in the formula, this gentle alcohol-free toner sinks into the skin to cleanse away surface debris while softening and refining the look of pores. The result is a smooth and supple complexion that is nourished and perfectly primed for the rest of your daily hydrating ritual.

Every day we are exposed to pollutants both outdoors and indoors, as well as constant digital light from smart devices. This coming spring, with Fresh’s Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, add 24 hour defense against the damaging effects, prevent dullness, dryness and premature fine lines. Powered by Kombucha, this concentrated formula delivers eight proven benefits. Pores and fine lines look more refined, while skin is left bouncy, smooth, and luminous. It is so powerful Fresh calls it ‘liquid gold’.

Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream is Fresh’s No.1 best-selling moisturizer. Enhanced with skin-strengthening damask rose extract and an even more silky lightweight texture that absorbs easily into the skin, it now delivers 72 hour deep hydration.

Fresh believes in the power of tea. Inspired by Kombucha’s powerful, time-honored benefits, Fresh created a proprietary Black Tea complex that delivers the best of what the black tea tradition has to offer. Within the Black Tea franchise, Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask is an intensely moisturizing treatment which has a corset-like effect on the skin, revealing a visibly more defined, contoured complexion. Specifically designed to be worn overnight, the mask works in synch with the skin’s natural nighttime recovery process to achieve a lifted, firmer look by the morning.

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