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30 Jan 2022

Inspired by the dreamy photographs of Slim Aarons, The Daily Edited today has revealed its Summer 2021 (S21) campaign as an ode to the bygone era of jet set, an urge for freedom and a carefree togetherness with family and friends alike.

Intent on cultivating a renewed creative vision for the brand, the nostalgic campaign has been brought to life by TDE’s new Creative Director, Marsha Vetolskiy and leading photographic production agency, ArtBoxBlack.

TDEs S21 Collection conveys an escape to golden, sun-drenched vacation spots, a 1930's Spanish Mission estate on Sydney's Upper North Shore lent a distinct European flavour, with the expansive grounds space for adventure and discovery. The new collection’s colour palette consists of sky, sunny side, caramel and pannacotta tones, evoking moods of nostalgia, warm, joyful days and free-spiritedness. Reflecting the contemporary zeitgeist, where escapism from the everyday seems more appealing than ever.

Shop the new 2021 Summer season at The Daily Edited www.thedailyedited.com.

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