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Introducing Lancôme x Louvre 2023 Limited edition collection, an unprecedented collaboration

15 Nov 2023

When two French institutions meet, Louvre - the most famous museum in the world & Lancôme leading French beauty brand empowering woman worldwide, an unprecedented collaboration happens as they are steeping into history to look to the future.

A creative journey through centuries of art history of the Louvre to look for the meaning of Beauty. As a true universal museum, it is a meeting place of cultures that shape Identity to inspire us to envision how Beauty takes form.

A collaboration which invites us to pursue the dynamic dialogue between Art & Beauty in telling women's stories that echo our times beyond eras, geographies, & cultures in our modern world.

A former royal residence, the Louvre has accompanied the history of France for more than eight centuries. Even before the French Revolution, the Louvre was a place where artists could admire the great masters, be inspired and become creators themselves. Open to all since 1793, it still continues to feed the imagination of the greatest contemporary creators.

From the dawn of figurative art, thirty thousand years ago, artists have made the beauty of humanity their endless inspiration.

Interpreted uniquely in the eyes of each person that visits, each work of art can teach us something new about our own history, and our own humanity. Something new about ourselves. A connection beyond time and place: the definition of beauty itself.

When the Louvre invites visitors, from one masterpiece to another, to dive into the Art history, Lancôme accompanies women of today to find their own expression, showing the limitless creativity of Beauty.

To us, Beauty goes beyond aesthetics: it is expressed in what each person has that is most singular, in its commitment, emotions, values and choices. These par.culari.es shape a character and a life energy in which Beauty is rooted.

For this powerful new partnership, Lancôme has sought creative inspiration in the collection of the Louvre with nine exquisite sculptures as inspirations for women of today.

Each statue sculpts a different story of individual strength. A representation of femininity and Beauty from antiquity that transcends time to become an expression of humanity. A myth of the past to inspire the future.

From the mesmerizing light of the Richelieu Wing of the Musée du Louvre to the smooth marble and stone of nine sculptures chosen for the collaboration, Lancôme creates a collection that highlights both the powerful stories of the goddesses and the famous Richelieu Gallery of the Louvre as an art work.

A curation at the essence of Beauty: for eyes, for lips, for skin. For eyes, the Richelieu Wing color palette combines a highlighter plus four unique shades of eyeshadows inspired by the famed Richelieu Gallery of the Louvre. For L’Absolu Rouge, four unique shades of the cult lip collection, each celebrating a female deity with a story to tell. And for Génifique, Lancôme’s skin health icon, a limited edition featuring the Goddess Hygie in a choice of two sizes.

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