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Supremÿa At Night, prepare a younger future for your skin

12 Nov 2023

“Supremÿa is for everyone. It’s a collection of transgenerational skin care products – a real essential.” Isabelle d’Ornano. 

In 2009, Sisley created Supremÿa, the first night anti-aging skincare of its kind, an innovative product designed to help the skin to maximise its regeneration potential at the best possible time. Its founding principle is chronobiology.

While the skin’s energy is focussed on protecting itself from external aggressions during the day, night is the time when its repairing, regenerative actions kick in, when skin is out of harm’s way. These functions are at their best in young skin but weaken with age. Cells replicate with less precision, there are more errors and this leads to more visible signs of skin aging: wrinkles, a loss of firmness and radiance etc.

For the skin to recover from the damage incurred during the day and prepare it to fight the aggressions of the next day, and consequently slow down signs of the passing of time, it has to be reset in its original repair and regenerate mode. 

In 2023, following over 15 years of active monitoring and investigation, Sisley’s research brought to light other mechanisms of chronobiology. With the new Fundamental Regeneration Complex found at the heart of the Supremÿa At Night Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care and Cream, Sisley is taking things a step further. 

Sisley’s research identified three new actions – three new biological targets – within the cells to activate night-time regeneration: resynchronise, repair and detoxify.

The Fundamental Regeneration Complex is a unique combination of powerful ingredients of natural origin developed for these different targets. It provides the skin with the necessary tools to precisely meet these three essential needs at exactly the right time. Combined with powerful active ingredients, the Fundamental Regeneration Complex ensures the 25 anti-aging actions of the Supremÿa At Night skin care products: restructuring and oxygenating the skin, collagen synthesis and more, including hydrating and providing nutrition. The results are visible: fine lines are softened. The face appears rested, smoother and firmer. It is radiant. Night after night, prepare a younger future for your skin.

The serotonin that the skin secretes throughout the day is progressively replaced at nightfall with melatonin – the sleep hormone – with the help of a specific enzyme, timezyme. We knew that our brains produced melatonin. However, it was only recently discovered that the skin also produces it. Another discovery was that melatonin plays a fundamental role in regulating our skin’s nocturnal cycle. Melatonin sets off the skin’s regeneration and repair mechanisms. The cells are synchronised and work together. The Fundamental Regeneration Complex contributes to stimulating the production of melatonin and timezyme in the skin and, in doing so, compensates for their decrease due to aging, internal and external stresses. In order to regenerate properly, cells need to repair themselves correctly. It is essential that the mother cells duplicate with as few errors and faults as possible.

Sirtuins are like the guardians of the cellular cycle. They promote longevity by playing the role of quality controllers: if no DNA damage is detected, the cell is given the green light to divide. If the damage is too great, the cell starts to auto destruct. Cells need to be put into the ideal state for repair. Sirtuins give the cells the required time to repair before starting to divide. So, the Fundamental Regeneration Complex stimulates their production at the perfect moment to promote cellular longevity. This enhances the repair function and consequently improves cellular regeneration.

During the day, alterations happen within the cells and tissues. When night falls, the waste that has been accumulated needs to be eliminated so that it doesn’t hinder the performance of the regeneration mechanisms. The proteasome, an intracellular organelle that eliminates oxidised proteinsand the autophagy, a complex form of cellular cleaning, both have complementary actions on the cells and tissues. Their job is to detoxify the latter for improved skin quality. The Fundamental Regeneration Complex encourages this self-cleaning by stimulating the autophagy and proteasome so that they not only break down, but also eliminate any waste in the cells and tissues – both those generated throughout the day (corrective purification) and those created by the regeneration process (preventative purification). As a result, cells are able to regenerate more cleanly and therefore, more efficiently.

The faceted bottle and jar, made by a French glassmaker and topped with a brushed gold lid, have been created to be the most beautiful accessories in your bathroom. It is a design that’s simple yet sophisticated, just like the extraordinary formula within.

As the light starts to dim and the hustle of the day slowly fades away, it’s time to allow yourself a moment to transition from day to night. Whether you have just a few minutes or a bit more time, close your bathroom door and begin your night time routine, however you see fit – light a scented candle, perform some relaxation exercises – and prepare for the ultimate restorative night with a Supremÿa Anti-Aging ritual for your skin.

“I usually take off my make-up with our Lyslait and Floral Spray Mist, and then I apply the Supremÿa Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion and Supremÿa At Night Anti-Aging Eye Serum. After that, I’ll do something else... a few stretches for example. I leave it on for around 15 - 20 minutes, and then I apply Supremÿa At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care.” Isabelle d’Ornano.

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