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Introducing Brunello Cucinelli Pour Femme and Pour Homme

12 Nov 2023

Brunello Cucinelli has taken up an old dream of his and chosen to create two fragrances, women’s and men’s, thus adding to the ready-to- wear offering with which the Fashion House of Solomeo is known worldwide for its elegant, refined and understated style.

A new and fascinating project born out of the creativity of the Fashion House of Solomeo, in collaboration with the Sgariboldi family, owners of EuroItalia, Italian excellence with a strong international vocation, specialized in the creation and distribution of luxury fragrances. This harmony has spawned two fragrances: one for women and one for men. The source of inspiration is the Umbrian land of origin: the sweet countryside, the scents, the medieval art and spirituality that can be felt in Solomeo are the inspiring muses. These two fragrances join the brand’s products as a creation steeped in a great heritage.

For centuries, aromas and spices have imbued the daily, private and official lives of many ancient peoples, who viewed them as an integral aspect of beauty and culture.

This humanistic intention travelled from the Egyptians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, passing through the Arabs, and reached Europe in the Middle Ages; and from Florence, Catherine de’ Medici, queen and wife of Henry II, made it known in France. From here, enhanced by the famously refined court of Louis XIV, perfumes spread successfully throughout the modern world, without ever stopping their fragrant evolution.

The two fragrances are exquisite proof of the Brunello Cucinelli Fashion House’s attention to promoting, through its artefacts, a special culture of elegance and beauty inspired by a harmonious relationship between man and nature; and this new creation too testifies to a careful production that does not damage Creation, or at least as little as possible, according to one of the company’s ethical tenets underlying its “Humanistic Capitalism and Human Sustainability”.

A high level of craftsmanship, respect for Creation and attention to both substance and form, as taught by the philosophy of all times, have been sought in the creation of the two essences; thisattention comes through in the refined details that enhance the aesthetics of the essentially simple, elegant and contemporary packaging.

This gift is a new achievement of the art of fashion born in the “beautiful factory” of Solomeo.

From the meeting between Brunello Cucinelli and the perfumer Daphné Bugey and by the careful and skilful choice of raw materials from tradition and innovation, comes this feminine fragrance - Brunello Cucinelli Pour Femme, an expression of precious simplicity, as good and true as the people and stories that led to its creation. An unusual chestnut accord and precious woods are at the heart of the composition. The soft dry down of amber and musk and the luminous fresh top notes of spices and citrus fruits interpret the precious cashmere yarns at the same time enveloping and ethereal.

Behind each ingredient lies unique stories, such as the cedarwood Virginia, obtained by a skilful distillation process that is entirely sustainable, careful to use every component of the raw material so that nothing goes to waste. Daphné Bugey chose this wood for its elegant and modern character, and combined it with cedar Atlas, the oldest variety from Morocco where it has been used for millennia for its unique olfactory profile, noble and intense, with balsamic and slightly spicy tones. Completing the accord is another great raw material of perfumery, vetiver from Haiti, the fruit of a ten-year partnership with small local producers that supports more than 20,000 families with programs aimed at health development and education. The unmistakable scent of vetiver with its deep, earthy tones recalls the bounty of the country from which it comes, while the CO2 extraction process produces a clean yet fresh olfactive profile.

If woods bring texture and elegance, the base of amber and musk gives sensations of envelopment, warmth and comfort. Olibanum from Somalia is an extraordinary ingredient, which has been obtained by the same slow process for centuries. It takes ten years for the tree to be ready to produce the ‘tears’ of resin with small incisions in the trunk, which are harvested after a few days and transported in large sacks on camels across the desert. The warmth and rich fragrance of the olibanum repay all the long and patient work.

Essential for a contemporary perfume, Ambrox and musk are very diffusive and persistent molecules obtained through white biotechnology processes.

Reminding the sparkling air of a morning full of light, notes of citrus fruits and spices give joy and freshness. Calabrian bergamot, unique in the world for its quality, brings a citrusy and flowery Mediterranean character, while Sicilian mandarin gives all the addiction of the zest of the fruit, hand-picked and cold-pressed so as not to lose any of its aroma. Finally, the pink pepper SFE, obtained by low-temperature extraction, which adds a vibrant freshness.

Orange blossom brings poetry and femininity, blending gently with the other notes without imposing itself. It is an extraordinary and precious product with a unique and complex fragrance, at once flowery, green, citrusy and fruity.

But the true essence of the perfume is in the chestnut note, simple and sophisticated at the same time, creamy and sweetly spicy. Known since the earliest times, it is a humble and generous fruit of the earth, with a rich heart protected by a thorny shell, which still requires patient walks in the woods to gather it. This poetry and tradition, as well as its generous taste, lead us into the Brunello Cucinelli universe.

The rows of cypress trees that stand out against the sky of the Umbrian land were the source of inspiration for the men’s fragrance - Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme, a clear reference to nature and the fruit of the knowledge of master perfumer Olivier Cresp and his meeting with Brunello Cucinelli.

Woods, resins, spices, aromatic and citrus notes blend harmoniously to compose a fragrance of extraordinary contemporaneity and elegance.

Among the key ingredients is the essence of cypress, with its resinous and balsamic tones, with an ancestral and timeless character. The essence of juniper, spicy and vibrant, is its natural complement. To reinforce the wood character, Olivier Cresp used Clearwood, an ingredient from white biotechnology, which offers the creamy warmth of amber and the character of patchouli but in a softer, cleaner version, radiant with light.

To this background inspired by earth and sky, the perfumer has juxtaposed accents of fresh spices to give intensity and addiction. First angelica, a rare ingredient with a truly unique olfactory profile, very intense, with spicy, woody and herbaceous tones, recalling the depth of the earth. Then black pepper from Madagascar, whose precious essential oil is obtained by a low-temperature extraction process that preserves its extreme purity and luminosity.

Lastly, ginger from Nigeria, which is harvested in close cooperation with the local populations, who are thus guaranteed a secure source of income. The ginger is harvested by hand and left to dry in the sun before being subjected to CO2 extraction, and the resulting product has the characteristic fresh spicy scent, very intense and persistent.

With its citrus, green and flowery notes, Calabrian bergamot is reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun, inspiring joy of living, smiles and sharing. A family business has for generations ensured the world’s best quality of this precious essential oil obtained by cold pressing.

The clary sage essenceis an aromatic amberynote, of great quality and elegance, which blends perfectly with Ambrox, also amberybut with woodier and deeper shades.

Herbs, woods, spices, citrus... all of them are timeless ingredients coming from our generous Mother Earth, and each one makes its own contribution to the harmony of the whole.

Pour Femme and pour Homme fragrances are contained in two sophisticated, elegant bottles, in full Brunello Cucinelli style. The iconic and minimalist design celebrates tradition in a contemporary way. The clear and essential design of the feminine fragrance has been conceived in fine glass that combines classicism and modernity, with aluminum details in shades of sophisticated brown. The masculine is contained inside a bottle whose beauty is enhanced by the grooves and the aluminum details take on the shades of contemporary grey. Not only aesthetic, but high attention to innovation and sustainability for both fragrances, starting from the capsule monomaterial aluminum. As evidence of the very high research and development of the packaging, the seal of the capsule was made in relief thanks to the use of advanced technology. A detail that embellishes the bottle even more and that makes the line unique. The glass used contains 15% certified PCR (post-consumer recycled) glass. This percentage allows the characteristics and brilliance of the material to remain unchanged.

The advertising campaign of Brunello Cucinelli pour Femme and pour Homme fragrances is dedicated to dreamers.

It transports the viewer between the emotional and evocative landscapes of the Umbrian and Tuscan countryside, in particular between the views of the Val d’Orcia and Solomeo.

A group of talent - in total Cucinelli look, with soft and warm tones - set off at dawn. Everyone takes a path towards a well-defined goal, driven by their dreams and ideals. In every scene of the campaign you can feel spontaneity and a certain naturalness in the poses.

The camera stops with close ups on each of them, highlighting some particular detail that is revealed from time to time. The dreamers feel in the air the scent of a new world, they recognize each other and begin to run until they all meet together.

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