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17 Sep 2023

RIMOWA is a global leader in premium luggage. Designed and engineered in Germany since 1898, RIMOWA creates iconic travel companions designed to last a lifetime. The Maison recently announced its next step in the world of travel, with the launch of the latest brand campaign ‘Never Still 4’.

In recent years, RIMOWA has partnered with a series of icons who demonstrate a ceaseless spirit of personal progress; with travel at the core of their journey.

This year’s campaign sees a natural evolution in storytelling from the celebrated German brand. As people look more and more to travel as not just a means for personal advancement but also a catalyst for inner transformation, this 4th chapter of the ‘Never Still’ campaign brings to life the inspiring stories of a new set of global icons. First, world class athlete Sir Lewis Hamilton, who, alongside a long career travelling around the world with Formula 1, continues to remain open- hearted and inspired by the new places he visits and people he meets.

“I have spent my whole career travelling the world, and those experiences have shaped who I am as both a driver, and a human. It was only through seeing new places and perspectives that I really learned to challenge my way of thinking, and to embrace the endless possibilities that the world holds. Home is where I reflect, but it’s through travel that I’m truly inspired,” says the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion.

Next, global superstar Rosé brings a fresh perspective to the meaning of home and what is truly important in a life of purposeful travel.

“Travel allowed me to expand my meaning of home. As travelling has become an essential part of my life, I’ve realised that home has become more of a state of mind than a specific place. It’s a collection of memories, experiences and people that provide a sense of belonging,” she explains.

And finally, football prodigy Kylian Mbappé, whose inspiring activities both on and off the pitch have created a wave of change for young people around the world.

“When you travel, you see different types of lives, and you learn a lot. I crossed paths with amazing people that I never thought I would meet in my life,” Mbappé says.

Together, these global icons’ progressive mindsets and purposeful travels create ripple effects that move themselves and the world forward. The campaign has been scored by globally renowned composer, Hans Zimmer—marking his second collaboration with the brand this year. Zimmer brings his own version of German excellence and artistry to the campaign, composing bespoke tracks for the four films, beautifully capturing the sound of the campaign, one that urges you to move around the world and be moved by it.

Across three intimate films, created with agency of record Anomaly London, RIMOWA shows a more personal, human side to the global icons, joining each of them on the journeys that move them, showcasing not only where they travel, but why. The trio of shorter films is completed by a fourth: an anthemic brand film, combining the stories of the owners—each on their own journey, but united by their progressive mindset.

Emelie De Vitis, Senior Vice President Product & Marketing, RIMOWA says: “This 4th chapter of our Never Still campaign signals an evolution as we look forward to what travel means post- pandemic, as a journey towards progress. We are delighted to partner once again with icons that echo our mindset of purposeful travel”.

The campaign launched globally on September 7th across cinema, digital, OOH and print.

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