Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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NEW on Rogue Beauty, The Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster

23 Aug 2023

The Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster is a powerful leave-in treatment for men and women that helps reduce the signs of premature or temporary hair loss (i.e. early onset receding hairline, postpartum, menopause, stress) while boosting growth of thicker, stronger, healthy hair. Powered by a proprietary blend of ingredients, the formula delivers superior results with 3 months of consistent, daily use.

Spray generously and evenly on wet or dry scalp 1-2 times per day, avoiding contact with eyes. Massage product into scalp to activate circulation. Continue treatment for a minimum of 3 months. Once the desired result is achieved, use 2-3 times a week to maintain.

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