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Carrière Frères introduces Yuzu Collection

10 Aug 2023

Yuzu (Citrus Junos) is a citrus fruit that grows on a small tree in the Rutaceae family. Often called 'Japanese lemon', yuzu is a natural hybrid of the Icheng lemon and the mandarin orange, native to China. It invites the refinement of Japan, the exoticism of China and the creativity of Korea.

Cultivated and celebrated in Japan as well as in Korea, yuzu holds an important place in oriental culture: its zest and juice are highly valued by chefs in the kitchen. Reminiscent of the citron, its taste is a blend of lime, yellow mandarin and orange.

Tonic, yuzu is more complex than a lemon note, more incisive than orange, and above all more exotic. Its fragrance naturally calls for a summery freshness and a sunny yellow juice, a tangy character and zesty green accents.

Harvested in December in the Japanese lands but originating from China, this citrus fruit is anchored in the Asian culture by its tradition of Toji which consists in immersing oneself in a hot bath where yuzus float during the winter solstice. It is mainly cultivated on the island of Shykoku, in Japan.

Yuzu has many benefits, and is prized by the Haute Gastronomie. Subtly fruity and acidic, its unique and rare flavor is a new success in Europe.

Harvested by hand at the end of the year, it reflects the know-how of ancestral Asian methods.

Introducing the Carrière Frères Yuzu Collection - This cheeky and citrusy fruit is wrapped in a candle and a diffuser with some subtle tea scents, accompanied by a note of white flower petal and a light veil of musk.

This energizing fragrance, brings much more than a lemon note the Yuzu refreshes and adds a zest of exoticism.

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