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Althaïr - New from Parfums de Marly

30 Jul 2023

Parfums de Marly presents Althaïr, a singular new trail brimming with contrast that is rooted in French haute parfumerie and honors the woody-vanilla- amber fragrance family.

An unexpected, modern ode to a universal ingredient of perfumery, which the House selected in the most natural, traditional and noble quality available: Bourbon vanilla, a direct descendant of the vanilla introduced in France under the reign of Louis XV.

Who can resist an elixir that is both warm and fresh, gourmand and light, with an unexpected rush of vanilla, citrus, spices and noble wood?

Althaïr presents a generous trail in whose heart collide notes that evolve on the skin with galvanizing synergy.

A name that hovers between earth and air; a men’s scent of elegant hedonism that a woman could easily make her own. An expression of self-confidence that becomes addictive.

Julien Sprecher created Althaïr in close collaboration with the perfumers Hamid Merati-Kashani and Ilias Ermenidis. A pronounced contrast between warm ingredients and a sensation of freshness; an interplay of affinities and dissimilarities; a blend of high perfumery’s traditional notes and disruptive molecules: Althaïr cultivates both distinctiveness and subtle opulence.

The perfumers worked using Bourbon vanilla extract — the most exclusive quality of all — in excess, pairing it with sparkling citrus, orange blossom, warm spices (cardamom, cinnamon), and notes of tobacco, praline, wood and leather. A sequence of ingredients that reveal one another before ultimately becoming one in a dazzling projection on the skin.

For a complete sensorial experience, Althaïr is presented in a warm-toned brown bottle that evokes the “texture” of its formula and its second-skin sensation. As always at Parfums de Marly, using opaque glass guarantees a composition devoid of artificial coloring as well as optimal protection of the fragrance from exposure to light. Althaïr’s imagery plays subtly on the idea of a sensory explosion by portraying ingredients as if in a painting — a bottle that invites smell, a color palette that beckons touch.

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