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01 Aug 2023

Dr Naomi Skin is thrilled to announce their exclusive retail partnership with Sephora Australia. Founded in 2021, Dr Naomi Skin has quickly become a leader in the Australian beauty industry since launching their innovative new gen cosmeceutical skincare, which is all brightening, vegan and of course Dr backed by science.

"My focus from day 1 of my career has been on transforming people aesthetically to help them achieve their life goals. I created my brightening skincare range to be high performance and super-active, an extension of the in-clinic experience to your home. For skin, our focus is on achieving clear, plump and glowing skin by improving light reflection for all skin types. We focus on helping skin concerns like pigmentation, melasma, redness, dark circles and textural issues like wrinkles, pores and acne scarring.”

From 29th August 2023 the Dr Naomi Skin and device range will be stocked in Sephora Australia key retail stores, including flagships (Pitt St Sydney, Melbourne Central, Bondi, Pacific Fair & Chadstone) as well as e-commerce presence on sephora.com.au.

Dr Naomi Skin is an Australian first for Sephora Australia and will be the inaugural local brand to represent the cosmeceutical category, sitting alongside further leaders in the Australian beauty space including AYU, Bangn Body, Kora, Ultra Violette, Vida Glow.

This highly anticipated retail partnership has been years in the making: “Our plan from the start was to partner with a global retailer, and our conversations with the Australian Sephora team started soon after our launch. I love the Sephora brand, they’re the ideal partner for us, especially in terms of our future plans. Being a highly active cosmeceutical and device brand, we’re a great addition for Sephora customers who we hope will love moving towards our sophisticated and powerful home skin care offering.” Says founder, Dr Naomi McCullum.

Dr Naomi Skin will be unveiling their Sephora Australia line up at the House of Sephora PR Event in early August to VIP guests; who can experience first-hand the innovative and transformative skincare solutions.

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