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12 May 2023

Fliteboard, the Australia-based luxury watersports innovator, today announces the launch of Flitescooter, a brand new lifestyle product and versatile companion to their existing eFoil range. With the addition of removable handlebars and new technologies, Flitescooter dramatically increases the ease of learning and riding, providing riders with an added level of balance and control, all while remaining largely dry.

Flitescooter offers riders with no watersports experience the chance to master eFoiling in a more familiar way, with the added ease of handlebars. Riders will be gliding across the water and carving through turns in minutes, with minimal instruction required.

The new Series 3 Flite Jet propulsion system is integrated within Flitescooter, offering a smooth and safe ride, whilst also easily controlled via the built-in thumb control throttle on the handlebars. Equally, for riders looking to develop their skills, the removable handlebars allow the Flitescooter to be easily converted into a conventional Fliteboard for more advanced surf-style riding. Using clean electric power, Flitescooter offers a great new way to travel sustainably across waterways for both fun and transportation with zero emissions and pollutants.

"We are thrilled to offer riders a new way to fly with the global launch of Flitescooter. Since I developed the first Fliteboard prototype back in 2018, I have been working on ways to encourage my wife to join me on the water. Flitescooter is the solution. It’s so easy and forgiving to learn, yet offers similar thrills to Fliteboarding.” - David Trewern, CEO, Founder and Product Architect.

The future of personal water transportation, Flitescooter is perfect for riders looking for a more leisurely and stylish way to fly. Flitescooter uniquely gives riders the opportunity to eFoil without entering the water - an elegant alternative for travelling from boat to dock to restaurant. The inclusion of handlebars offers greater stability and balance whilst the large inflatable board adds buoyancy, making it ideal for launching from docks and boats. Just step on and go.

The new model uses Fliteboard’s integrated software and app, which has proven extremely effective at safeguarding riders while on the water. Updates include new Fly Zones that allow riders, resorts, schools and yachts to set up ‘safe’ areas via the App. Avoid shallow water and high traffic areas. Get an alert and slow to a safe speed beyond the designated Fly Zone. New technological innovations include a wireless safety key, worn on the wrist or PFD, adding an additional level of safety to ensure that Flitescooter can only be operated when a rider is actively on the scooter.

The ultimate accessory, Flitescooter is available in two colorways. The Oyster finish offers a refined look while Silver offers a broad appeal with a more neutral palette. The compact design packs down to a manageable weight, which is easily transportable for a range of uses.

Flitescooter is now available for pre-orders, with deliveries of the new model expected in late August 2023. The product retails for $19,995 AUD and is available at fliteboard.com or at one of their Authorised Resellers.

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