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Zegna Made to Measure The Luxury Leisurewear Collection

28 Apr 2021

Inspired by changing lifestyles and reconsidered priorities, Zegna continues to transform the very idea of luxury to envision an effortlessly wearable category of clothing. At Zegna we call it Luxury Leisurewear. This collection represents a paradigm shift in the way we think of style and sophistication, as we weave a new versatile wardrobe into the fabric of our DNA, to become a fundamental part of our design philosophy moving forward. While Zegna has been pushing boundaries of man’s tailoring for more than 110 years, today we reconstruct his clothing for greater comfort, while holding our position at the forefront of sartorial precision.

Adjusting to a new reality that acknowledges the importance of wardrobe adaptability and ease,

Luxury Leisurewear is designed for how men live now. Evolving alongside our customers, Zegna reimagines classics to reflect the cultural zeitgeist and changing times where we lounge, live and work all in one place and prioritize personal comfort. Outdoor and indoor come together and a new way of dressing takes hold, as the new Luxury Leisurewear collection responds to transformed attitudes and ideas. The result is a selection of multifunctional garments that extend beyond traditional formality while retaining the unparalleled textile and craftsmanship standards Zegna is known for.

Heralding a new era in style, Luxury Leisurewear is comprised of hybrid garments that offer effortless elegance, whenever and wherever. Highlights from the latest SS21 collection include water repellent field jackets, next-generation cargo pants and hooded anoraks made for modern living. Utilitarian pockets, zippers and hoods bring functionality to multifaceted outfits that defy categorization and adapt to dynamic locations and weather conditions. Never unprepared, these hybrid designs are specifically engineered to be easy to wear and easy to pack.

To celebrate Zegna’s heightened focus on Luxury Leisurewear, the effortless collection became a centre piece of the newly launched SS21 #WHATMAKESAMAN campaign. Inspiring images feature model, singer and songwriter Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis photographed in Oasi Zegna wearing relaxed everday outfits in fluid silhouettes and earthy colours that reflect the lush landscape of the nature reserve. Embodying total freedom of expression, Gabriel-Kane also showcases totally personalised Made to Measure Luxury Leisurewear available in your choice of sophisticated fabrics to reflect your creativity and unique spirit.

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