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31 Mar 2023

CAMILLA AND MARC’s goal of making history by taking the world’s first DNA-based early detection test for ovarian cancer to clinical trials is in sight and set to be a reality by 2026. This pioneering science and global first in the study of circulating tumour DNA in blood plasma for early detection of ovarian cancer is led by Professor Caroline Ford and her team at the UNSW’s Ovarian Cancer Research Group. This remains the only partnership in the world to dedicate time, funding and resources to this particular science for ovarian cancer. If successful, the blood test will be available at your regular family doctor. This will be groundbreaking for women’s health and save the lives of millions of women worldwide.

In its fourth consecutive year, Creative Director Camilla Freeman-Topper and CEO Marc Freeman forge their unwavering commitment to both a personal and important cause; the powerful “Ovaries. Talk About Them” campaign which today has raised over $1Million in funding, where every single cent has gone directly to the lab. The identification of strong biomarkers in the last 12 months has meant we are on track to have a test to clinical trials in just three years.

The “Ovaries. Talk About Them” campaign exists to chart a dramatic course for change, to fight for a woman’s basic right to healthcare and demands that WOMEN DESERVE BETTER when it comes to ovarian cancer and gynecological disease in general.

By 2040, the number of women around the world diagnosed with ovarian cancer will rise almost 42% and the number of women dying from ovarian cancer each year will increase by 50%. The historical systemic minimisation and dismissal of women's pain and health can no longer be ignored. The time is now for global policymakers and governments to recognise the devastating impact of ovarian cancer on women, families, societies and economies.

Creative Director Camilla Freeman-Topper says “This is not just another ovarian cancer campaign, it is a movement that exists for all women, globally. The diabolical statistics women with ovarian cancer face have not changed in over 30 years, as gynecological cancers remain woefully underfunded and under researched - An indictment on the system that we must collectively change. It’s the year 2023 and the time is now to break down the stigma and stand up so that together, we can fund this early detection test for ovarian cancer and change the face of this disease. We all come from ovaries. We all love someone with ovaries. For the sake of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our best friends, our aunties and our grandmothers. This is for you”

Taking the campaign to international heights, CAMILLA AND MARC has this year partnered with London based artist Alba Hodsoll to create a fresh and bold new artwork to be featured as part of a limited-edition collection of unisex t-shirts and sweaters. Hodsoll, renowned globally for her work of the female form, abstractly illustrates a vagina and ovaries for this year's merchandise. 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to Professor Ford’s early detection research. CEO Marc Freeman says, “We are relentless in our pursuit to change the face of ovarian cancer. The vision of this campaign is at the very core of our business - supporting women on a global scale and helping to leave the world a better place for future generations.

Every single dollar from this campaign goes directly to the lab, to this groundbreaking science lead by an all-female team. Without the funding from this campaign, there would be no progress with this test.

Professor Caroline Ford says “This partnership with CAMILLA AND MARC is invaluable to our mission to develop an early detection test for ovarian cancer. The injection of research funds and ongoing support has allowed us to significantly grow our team of scientists and accelerate the development of our ovarian cancer test. Equally important has been the increased awareness of ovarian cancer and the dismissal of women’s pain. We are so proud to be both broadening the conversation and driving the science forward.”

This year’s unisex collection will include: White Alba Hodsoll Art T-Shirt – RRP $110 | Black Alba Hodsoll Art T-Shirt – RRP $110 | White Alba Hodsoll Art Fleece Crew – RRP $220 | Black Alba Hodsoll Art Fleece Crew – RRP $220.

The 2023 CAMILLA AND MARC ‘Ovaries. Talk About Them. ’Collection are now available in-store and online. CAMILLA AND MARC are encouraging those who buy the t-shirt to share their experience on social media with the tags #ovariestalkaboutthem #CAMILLAANDMARC

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