Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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12 Aug 2022

IMBIBE, a global source for wellness, inner and topical beauty was founded by CEO Felicity Evans through an urgent need for a personal lifestyle and wellness shift. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that had affected all parts of her inner and outer health – her gut, her skin, her hair, Felicity had reached a point where she didn’t know which way to turn. Following the diagnosis, the determination to radically change her lifestyle, diet and routine was ignited and IMBIBE Living was born. After spending countless hours scouring the web and struggling to find clean, effective, and clinically performing products, she decided to make it her mission to create her own range of bio-available, probiotic, antioxidant collagen elixirs, and powders as well a growing topical range that looks to nourish and support all areas of your body for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

After 2 years of intense product development spanning traditional cosmetic chemists, organic formulators, and the latest global ingredient technology, IMBIBE releases its latest product, Collagen Eyes, designed to complement their best-selling Collagen Lips & Miracle Collagen core product range. Collagen Eyes works outside the parameters of standard skin care to surge cells with intense hydration, nourishing fatty acids and unique collagen peptides to activate plump, healthy, voluminous skin.

Collagen Eyes lifts, plumps, and brightens delicate eyes with the power of plant-based collagen, rich hyaluronic acids and active bakuchiol. Pentavitin saturates skin with 72 hours of clinical hydration, locking in sustained moisture and skin glow.

Replicating a high-powered retinol, Collagen Eyes uses two forms of stable, natural Vitamin A to clinically accelerate cellular turnover and increase collagen production – without drying or causing sensitivity.

Activated beetroot and hyaluronic acids penetrate the skin barrier saturating skin cells with hydration to smooth and fill, while squalene, macadamia and jojoba act as a seal to preserve 72 hours of skin bounce. Targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet, this formulation locks in moisture, producing long term, clinical results that last.

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