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Olympéa Blossom, A Blooming Goddess is Born

02 Apr 2021

There was a goddess,

Dressed in the simplest apparel,

Who draped/veiled herself in flowers.

Her name recalls freedom

She exudes femininity

Her self-confidence submerges

All those around her like a wave of charm,

Bringing about joy and pleasures unspoken of

Her name, you ask? It’s on everyone’s lips.

In a divine garden, meet Olympéa Blossom.

When femininity goes with otherworldly sensuality,

Because daring femininity and bold sensuality go hand in hand.

Her secret? A fragrance.

Olympéa Blossom Eau de Parfum for Her

Paco Rabanne’s new creation is born.
A divine contrast between an outburst of flowers and absolute sensuality.

First, a peppery hint of freshly-cut roses brings along sparkling blackcurrant sorbet, Evoking the carelessness of youth, the dizzying feeling of firsts. The airiness of flower’s lightness heralds an ultra sexy contrast, a flirtatious meeting between delicate vanilla flirts and cashmere wood. A perfect accord, leaving a musky, soft and sensual trail. This duality slowly foretells a floral fruity fragrance, a symbol of vibrating and an unexpected femininity.

Olympéa Blossom, a shockwave of flowers, a fragrance emanating happiness, an ode to life’s exuberance and glamour, as bubbly as champagne rose? ... and simply irresistible.

Look, the Olympéa bottle dressed in black flowers:

Is the unexpected encounter between the fragrance’s tender rose,

And the graphic black flowers inspired by Paco Rabanne fashion,

Transforming the iconic bottle:

An ode to feminity, sensual, conquering, timeless all at once.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom EDP

50ml RRP $129 // 80ml RRP $168

Available at Myer stores nationally

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