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Introducing Magnolia Bliss, a Juliette as free as that famous summer of ‘69

09 Jul 2022

“For Magnolia Bliss, I imagined a Juliette as free as that famous summer of ‘69.

With flower crowns, polaroid flashbacks, pastel shades and seventies soundtracks, my Flower Power heroine falls for the bohemian spirit without forgetting, as always, her rebellious nature.

Composed around Magnolia Essence, the fragrance instils the memory of a bucolic summer, while the Mirabelle Plum, slightly gourmand, invites the senses to free themselves... ” – Romano Ricci.

It was a summer evening, one that stretched out deliciously. A scent of Magnolia floated in the air almost suspending time, and blowed in her wild long hair.

Notes escaped from the record player, crackling like cicadas, before mingling with the scent of Bergamot and Mirabelle trees.

With her flower crown and bare feet, she looked like a Janis Joplin muse. Her mouth bit desirously into a Mirabelle Plum.

Romano Ricci’s senses were bowled over.

With its transparent bottle, Magnolia Bliss reveals its sunset colours, imbued with romance and iridescent sunlight, the ultimate reminder of that endless perfect summer. Enhanced with a silver cap - a signature touch - Juliette has a gun launches a fragrance resolutely peaceful and optimistic.

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