Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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This International Self-Care Day, follow a four-step body routine and treat our body as we do our face

11 Jul 2022

Just like the skin on our face, our body needs regular, nurturing care. We use our bodies in every which way to lead the lives that we do, yet rarely consider the condition of our skin. Multi step rituals and regimes are commonplace when it comes to. Our face, but what about a ritual for our body?

International Self-Care Day (July 24) is an opportunity to spread awareness about self-care and the important role it plays in our well-being. Living a happy life is about taking care of your mind and body and giving it the nourishment it needs. This month, Jurlique's National Education Manager Charlotte Lyon has carefully curated a four step luxurious ritual in celebration of International Self-Care Day. This indulgent body ritual will leave your skin feeling protected and nourished knowing that Jurlique's hand-picked botanicals are delivering an undiluted force of nature to your skin:

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