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LOUBIWORLD FRAGRANCE COLLECTION, takes you on a journey through the imagination of Christian Louboutin

10 May 2022

Abracadabra! Suddenly you are here inside the world of Christian Louboutin!

Each Loubiworld perfume, from the lightest to the most intense, unveils a personal memory, a fantasy, or a dream.

To bring these stories to life, Christian Louboutin collaborated with a friend, Hélène Tran, whose ethereal designs echo both the poetry and humor of each universe.

As if pulled out of a magician’s scarlet hat, each bottle lacquered with red is crowned with a fantastical cap, and each fragrance is a personal story from the creator.

Time for some magic!

The LoubiWorld collection, consisting of 7 fragrances is available in 90ml online and in store:

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