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07 May 2022

Earlier this week, CAMILLA AND MARC launch Ovaries. Talk About Them. 2022, a global campaign dedicated to changing the face of the deadliest female cancer - ovarian cancer.

In the year 2022, there is still no test for ovarian cancer, despite it affecting millions of women each year, with close to 300,000 new cases annually, worldwide. Women deserve a test. Women deserve not to feel shame about their body parts. Women deserve to not be dismissed when they know something is not right with their bodies.

This year, CAMILLA AND MARC is announcing a cumulative $1 million fundraising goal as part of its “Ovaries. Talk About Them” campaign, which is now in its third year. Every single dollar raised through the campaign will go directly to science. CAMILLA AND MARC are channeling all funds raised to the work of Associate Professor Caroline Ford at the UNSW Ovarian Cancer Research Group, who are working to have an early detection test move to clinical trials in the next 4 years - which if successful would be a simple blood test made available to women globally at their regular GP visit each year.

To date Ovaries. Talk About Them. has raised a remarkable AU$544K enabling the UNSW Ovarian Cancer Research Centre to employ two key scientists as well as a full-time nurse.

Creative Director Camilla Freeman Topper said, “Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest female cancer – yet still, there is no test. Women deserve a test. My mother passed away 28 years ago and statistics have barely changed, largely due to funding and awareness. Through this bold campaign, we are driving a new conversation for ovarian cancer so that women can feel confident to talk about their bodies, and rightly claim what they deserve as a basic healthcare right.”

Associate Professor Caroline Ford UNSW said, "Women’s health issues have been overlooked and underfunded for too long. Ovarian cancer is a devastating and deadly disease, frequently diagnosed too late. Women deserve better and I’m proud to be part of a global movement shining a light on this disease and leading research to improve outcomes for all women. Funding from this campaign will directly fund research in my lab towards an early detection test for ovarian cancer."

CEO Marc Freeman said, ““Ovarian cancer is desperately under-funded and the awareness remarkably low for a disease that is the deadliest female cancer. We want to change that through this powerful campaign. Through the work that we are doing, we aim to change the face of ovarian cancer, through bold and honest conversations so that women worldwide can get the early detection test they deserve.”

Ovaries. Talk About Them. 2022 is a poignant campaign focused on the message “women deserve better”.

The “2022 Ovaries. Talk About Them” capsule collection comes in a palette of deep navy and cream and is defined by two unisex sweaters, two unisex t-shirts, children’s t-shirt, a cap, and canvas tote. This is the first year a kid's option is included in the collection, ensuring the message is universal and touches every generation.

The capsule collection will be available online and at all CAMILLA AND MARC boutiques nationwide from May 2, 2022 for a limited time while stocks last. 100% of all sales will be donated directly to the cause.

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