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Magda – The latest addition to Lubin Portraits de Femmes Collection

10 Apr 2022

Women are at the heart of the Portrait de Femmes collection, celebrating women with unique personalities, who are an inspiration for others and the embodiment of their time. Introducing the latest addition to Lubin’s Portraits de Femmes collection, Magda. 

Magda is the muse of young poets. On Tuesday evenings, she sometimes sits around Mallarmé’s small round table on rue de Rome. Craving perfection, uncompromising and curious, she fills the small living room with her exotic presence. Her voice fuels her words and her sensual aroma enchants the circle of poets. Yet soon, Magda will leave to return to her land brimming with flowers and fruit. There, in her garden of wild tuberoses, she will bring life to the words of a new book. 

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