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Very Good Girl Glam, the new fragrance by Carolina Herrera

12 Apr 2022

Since its very first incarnation in 2016, the stiletto-shaped Good Girl flacon has stood for sophisticated female empowerment. Interpreted in a saturated red for the original Very Good Girl fragrance, for Very Good Girl Glam this sensual hue has been deepened, drenched in a dazzling cascade of glitter, pushing it into an ever more refined realm of femininity. It was this glamorous detail that sparked the imaginations of perfumers Quentin Bisch, Louise Turner, and Shyamala Maisondieu to create the illusion of a shimmering fruity red top note to the fragrance, for which cherry was an instinctive choice.

It’s a fascinating evolution after the dewy fluorescence of the currant in Very Good Girl. “The tonality of the cherry is much deeper, far more intense” according to Quentin Bisch. “Even visually, the cherry has a mysterious and lacquered aspect, with a glistening play on deep shades of dark red and pink”. An explosively literal interpretation of a colour with profound ties to the inherent strength of the woman.

This depth is only intensified by a base note of vanilla, developed with the multi- sensory experience of tasting the grainy interior of a natural vanilla pod in mind. With its sweet and savoury contrasts, it’s the embodiment of the Good Girl duality which is integral to every fragrance in the family.

As Mrs Herrera famously said, fragrance should be thought of as an invisible accessory. The woman who wears Very Good Girl Glam is not afraid of being noticed for her personality: fearless and assertive, she has the confidence to express herself with scent, and the rose extract at the heart of this daring new fragrance is an articulate statement of this femininity.

There’s a woodiness at the root of this magical olfactory structure which ties the principal ingredients of cherry, rose, and vanilla of this potent Eau de Parfum together, while representing the irreverence of the Good Girl character. Very Good Girl Glam is a tribute to a woman who radiates a zest for life.

Very Good Girl Glam EDP RRP $122 / 30ml, $179 / 50ml, $236 / 80ml. Available at Myer and David Jones.

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