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Sweet Spirale: Introducing Sintra - a new perfume from the MEMO Art Land Collection

06 Feb 2022

With Sintra, Memo explores the meanders of an enchanting landscape, not far from Lisbon, Portugal. A city and its palace emerging from a colourful dream, with soft shapes and a thousand hiding places, surrounded by lush vegetation and various species, lulled by the sound of the nearby sea and the inviting freshness of the fountains.

The magic of childhood suddenly reawakened, its pastel colors, its comforting scents : Sintra, a perfume where to find each other.

A creation made in France by Philippe Paparella - Sintra, like a reminiscence of childhood with its marshmallow note brought by Orange blossom Absolut, petitgrain, Vanilla Madagascar Absolut.

Both mellow and airy, thanks to the presence of musks, it is a very round, with a floral and fruity sweetness. Gourmet yet light, resolutely addictive.

Around the corner from a palace, an unexpected rainforest.

The heart of an absolute orange. The lace of an azulejo, the spiral of a hidden staircase, petitgrain after petitgrain after petitgrain...Welcoming visions everywhere. The glow of an absolute vanilla. A fountain whispers, a turret smiles, a garden greets you with its hands. A castle does a peacock wheel. A soft and colourful walk, a pause soon and the surprise of a sweet marshmallow confectionery. The present of childhood. Musks. Getting lost.

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