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Acqua di Parma unveils 2 new olfactory experiences embodying the maison's art of fragrance

15 Sep 2021

For over a hundred years Acqua di Parma has represented the art and crafts of fragrances. This passion allowed the Maison to create fragrant compositions that vibrate with emotions and unravel unique narratives. Like Colonia, the masterpiece of the iconic Maison. A timeless, lively, modern fragrance, embodying the genuine and radiant Italian style.

Each fragrance of the Signatures of the Sun Collection, reinterpreted through the sun-filled citrus prism of Colonia, turns a familiar ingredient into something experienced for the very first time, revealing it in all its unexpected and vibrant radiance. Thanks to its olfactory experiences, this collection is a continuous surprise. Lily of the Valley, floral and delicate, and Oud & Spice, woody and intense.

Lily of the valley, a radiant spring flower. It is the first one to bloom with its corollas in bunches in Spring and to absorb the gentle rays of the sun, radiating a perfumed trail which envelopes in a feeling of joyous rebirth. Lily of the Valley is a subtle play of contrasts that lets the intensity of lily of the valley emerge in the soft spring light. This sun-filled fragrance enhances the appeal of this delicate and highly-perfumed flower.

Oud & Spice stems from the passion for one of the rarest and most mysterious ingredients that nature offers us: an uncut diamond, with a very rich perfume, which can reveal infinite facets and sensations. It is a fragrance inspired by the love for an extraordinary gem that can reveal new and surprising and at the same time strong and tender aspects. In fact, Oud & Spice originates around the rarest and most highly-prized variety of agarwood, obtained from the resin of the Aquilaria tree. This particularly highly-prized ingredient which, native to Laos, differs from the classic oud for its seductive roundness.

The art of perfume of Signatures of the Sun is completed by the sophisticated tones of the packaging. The soft black label with its embossed gold logo illuminates the trademark cylindrical black box. Inside there is the iconic Art Deco bottle, in clear glass for Lily of the Valley and in full black for Oud & Spice. Their labels shine with shimmering gold tones on black. Both fragrances are available in the 20, 100 and 180ml formats. As the rest of the collection, the bottles come with a detachable dispenser for easy recycling, to represent the Maison's commitment to sustainability.

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