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27 Aug 2021

Australian-born, Melbourne-based, internationally renowned fine jewellery & eyewear brand, SENER BESIM is introducing three new collections: 9kt Solid Collection, Black Series and Dynasty Series.

The 9KT Solid Gold Series is an evolving collection of timeless pieces. Currently consisting of a small range of essential works made from solid 9kt gold and white diamond, this series will continue to grow as we develop our expression of luxury.

Black Holes were long thought to be a region of spacetime in which gravity is so strong, no light can escape it. Now, scientists have seen light on the far side as the Black Hole warps space, bends light, and twists magnetic fields around itself. This idea of light existing within infinite darkness inspired the new SENER BESIM Black Series.

A combination of pure black rhodium coated rings, with deeper shades of black in the form of Onyx gemstones, and the muted greys of matte Ruthenium interspersed with the dazzling light of white diamonds. Designed to be entirely unisex, the Black Series spans a range of pieces from our best-selling huggies, to a new style of chunky signet ring - available in-store and online today.

An exploration of balance and interconnectedness; the Dynasty Series combines multiple precious metals, with bands entwined to bring together these once divergent entities.

The two variations of Dynasty are; 14kt gold vermeil with sterling silver and 14kt gold vermeil with black rhodium coating on a sterling silver base. Night and Day, North and South, Fire and Water; a reflection on the theory of relations and universal harmony.

Each colourway in the Dynasty Series comprises 4 pieces; a ring, earring set, ear cuff, and necklace. Designed to be worn individually, as a set, or mixed and matched in your favourite combination.

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