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The soothing REBALANCING RITUAL by Sisley

18 Aug 2021

Hair Rituel by Sisley is presenting a solution to scalp imbalance and the feelings of discomfort that it causes. Sisley Research introduces an in-depth system that acts at the source for lasting visible results.

Scalp imbalance is a phenomenon that affects one in two people worldwide, both male and female. In addition to being unsightly, scalp imbalance is accompanied by dryness and discomfort (which can lead to feelings of irritation) and it has the potential to become a daily issue. It often persists despite using targeted products, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence, embarrassment and poor self-image. Although many factors are involved, the causes arise from this imbalance. The scalp is home to a combination of “good” and “bad” yeasts and bacteria living in the right proportions. But this balance can be upset by genetic factors or external influences. Washing the hair aggressively or too frequently, excess sebum, stress, weather, and an imbalanced diet all promote scalp inflammation. As a result, the scalp overreacts and can lead to the scalp imbalance.

Prioritizing technical and scientific expertise to combat this phenomenon at the source. While rebalancing shampoos offer short-term effectiveness, a treatment with a gentle and deep-down action can help to maintain results over time.

Hair Rituel has considered the ecosystem of the scalp and offers an immediate and on-going solution with a new dynamic duo, to treat and beautify with continual results even after completing the program.

Incorporating an intense rebalancing complex of Piroctone Olamine and Celery seed extract, the Hair Rituel by Sisley Soothing Rebalancing Ritual helps maintain the ecosystem of the scalp for optimal results and continued effectiveness. It supports purifying and rebalancing the scalp. The formula’s key ingredients support strengthening and boosting the scalp’s self-defense system for optimal

Imbalance of the scalp can irritate it and leave it uncomfortable. The soothing rebalancing ritual contains Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin, which helps soothe the scalp and stop feelings of discomfort.

From the first application, the scalp feels fresher and soothed. After a few weeks, the scalp is increasingly rebalanced. Continued results and benefits may be seen for up to 3 months after completing the program.

Hair looks and feels stronger, softer and fresher week by week. The hair fiber is the visible part of the hair. It is subjected to all kinds of external aggressions, which deteriorate its health on a daily basis.

Like a beauty product, the shampoo, enriched with Cotton proteins, in combination with the serum helps to enhance the hair and make the hair fiber feel stronger. These two super hair care products also incorporate pro-Vitamin B5 for supporting improved hair strength. The hair is left feeling softer, more supple and with more body.

Use The Duo as an intensive program 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Maintain results over the rest of the year by alternating Soothing Rebalancing Shampoo with another Hair Rituel Shampoo. Repeat use of the duo twice a year, if needed. One bottle of the Cure provides one month of use. Apply it section by section (4 pipettes) to a dry or damp scalp and massage in with the fingertips. Do not rinse.

The promise of the new Hair Rituel by Sisley Soothing Rebalancing Ritual: to take care of hair and eliminate discomfort so you can feel more confident.

Hair Rituel by Sisley

Soothing Balancing Cure 60ml AUD $165

Soothing Balancing Shampoo 200ml AUD $100

On Counter Date: 29th August 2021

Available on www.sisley.com.au and selected David Jones stores nationally.

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