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15 Aug 2021

With warmer months ahead, Dinosaur Designs presents Swim, the new collection by Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, inspired by the ever-changing hues of the ocean.

Swim explores the endless shifting moods and tones of the sea in a fresh, cool colour palette. New colours of Mineral, Mint, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Leaf and Chalk Swirl with accents of silver come together to create an oceanic palette. Jewellery pieces range from iconic rock bangles cast in swirls of resin through to dainty metallic pebble forms in pendants and earrings. New to the collection are Silver Pebble Stem and Pebble Tower earrings, with organic, elegant shapes that evoke the deep, wonderful sea.

In the homewares, forms are solid and enduring, from vases and bowls to platters and offering bowls. Pebble vases and stone vases, are rendered in seductive hues of blue, green, bluey green and greeny blue and are joined by metallic silver accents in these forms.

Summing up the spirit of the collection, Louise observes; “I’m constantly inspired by the sea’s ever changing colour palette and its rapid movement and formations”.

Swim was shot by Levon Baird, who responded to the femininity and modernity of the collection to produce a range of playful aquatic images.

Swim will be available in all Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, New York and online stores from Monday 16 August, 2021.

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