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Saskia, a celebration of Grandiflora’s 25 years of floral magic

28 Jun 2021

Earlier this year, to mark the 25th Anniversary of Saskia Haveke’s Floral atelier Grandiflora, based in the heart of Sydney, Saskia has collaborated with the respected French Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel in celebration of this milestone.

Together they have created a scent inspired by a flower shop bursting with blooms, its walls saturated with scents of nature.

From first impact to long-lingering afterglow this fragrance is the interpretive essence of the Grandiflora store itself. It reflects how it has been for Saskia Havekes, working her 25 years of floral magic surrounded by both the enduring and the ever-shifting redolence of nature’s most remarkable perfumes.

The composer of this beautifully simple and intriguingly mysterious fragrance - Christophe Laudamiel, one of the world’s renowned parfumiers, brings wit and an iconoclastic intellect to the practice. He champions truth and transparency with arguably, an unsurpassed balance between its art and its science.

Forever at the heart of the collection are the flowers and their eternal transience.

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