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La Prairie presents SKIN CAVIAR EYE LIFT

06 Mar 2024

The remarkable ability of the eyes to express emotions resonates with the significance of enhancing the eye contour. Since its inception, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Collection has placed particular importance on the eyes, offering an array of skincare creations to lift and firm the delicate eye area.

Now, La Prairie reaffirms its position as the eye expert with the re-imagined Skin Caviar Eye Lift. Backed by breakthrough research into eye area, Skin Caviar Eye Lift is newly infused with Caviar Infinite and Caviar Micro-Nutrients, resculpting the appearance of the eye contours entirely. A revolutionary milestone in the realm of skin science, with focus on the eyes.

Skin’s architecture is composed of several horizontal and vertical elements, the vertical ele- ments being the skin ligaments. Skin ligaments are unique structural units that form a flexible yet strong network throughout the hypodermis. They are essential to the stability of the skin and anchor skin to its foundation. With age, the ligaments weaken and the entire skin follows gravity. Facial sagging sets in, firmness and contours are lost and the formation of deep wrinkles is accelerated.

Given their fundamental importance, La Prairie scientists entered into a collaboration with a Swiss bioanalytical laboratory to develop ground-breaking test protocols that allowed them to identify and quantify components of skin ligaments.

Following the successful launch of Skin Caviar Harmony Extrait in 2022, La Prairie scientists developed advanced 3D imaging protocols to help reveal the impact of active ingredients on the skin. These studies show that caviar science can help with the appearance of younger looking skin.

Thanks to the synergistic power of Caviar Infinite and Caviar Micro-Nutrients, Skin Caviar Eye Lift continues to target skin’s horizontal elements to help redensify the skin. Through this holistic approach, upper eye lids appear lifted, firmness is intensified, wrinkles look smoothed and eye bags appear diminished. The formula is further enhanced with the Exclusive Cellular ComplexTM, La Prairie’s rejuvenating signature, to augment the benefits of the House’s singular Caviar Science.

Housed within the now iconic cobalt-blue colour bottle, the signature Skin Caviar Eye Lift dual chamber was redesigned with a test tube-like aesthetic – a subtle nod to the powerful science that lies within. With one press of the pump, the two formulas are freshly fused, transforming into a silky serum that melts into skin.

Leveraging its advanced eye expertise, the Skin Caviar Collection offers three eye products with complementary benefits. The Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex hydrates and re-energises the eye area. Skin Caviar Eye Lift helps lift, firm and smooth to visibly resculpt the appearance of the eye contours. The eye ritual is complete with the application of Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream deeply nourishing the eye area, while providing additional lifting and firming support. Three eye creations, for one eye-opening promise.

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