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Trudon Opens First Australian Flagship Boutique in Paddington

30 May 2021

Trudon is the world’s oldest and most revered candle manufacturer, renowned for its rich and royal narration, the strength of its legacy and its genuine commitment to quality, with nearly four centuries of expertise unrivalled in candle manufacturing, showcased through historic moments in French history.

Founded in 1643 by grocer and candler Monsieur Claude Trudon, the house of Trudon first gained notoriety when the clean burning, functional and decorative white candle collection seduced the courts of Versailles during the time of Louis XIV.

A testament to Trudon’s royal origins and favour, in 1762 the house developed its Latin motto and beehive like emblem for which the house is distinguished today, with ‘Deo Regique Laborant’ translating to ‘they work for God and for the King’, with ‘they’ being the bees.

Trudon’s prestigious success was at a time when wax was a valuable commodity under careful scrutiny. Trudon candles were carefully collected from bee hives, cleansed and bleached to remove impurities before air drying in sunlight to whiten the wax. It is the purity of the wax that cause Trudon candles to display such magnificent lighting.

Among the most famous of the tales as Trudon’s title as Royal Manufacturer, the house continued to supply the French monarchy throughout Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s reign, when during captivity, they would continue to order candles where the coat of arms and motto were hidden to escape revolutionary tumult.

Surviving the chaos of the French revolution and tragedy that followed, Trudon continued their candle production and when Napoléon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor, the house joined the Imperial Court. So elite was the house of Trudon, that a Trudon candle was the single gift offered by Napoléon Bonaparte upon the birth of his son – a ceremonial candle decorated with three gold medallions featuring his likeness.

Honoured with a Gold Medal during the 1889 Universal Exhibit as a reward for the outstanding quality of its candles and wax, the Royal Manufacturer has surpassed several political and industrial revolutions during its time including the arrival of electricity, neither of which ever blighted the candle maker’s existence.

The house was revived in 2007, taking the name ‘Trudon’ and becoming a specialist in the creation of the finest perfumed candles in existence, enlisting renowned noses to design scents, each conveying a piece of the Trudon and French history, capturing spaces and times reminiscent of strong feelings and powerful imagery.

Skilful and demanding, each candle is still dripped and crafted by hand, perpetuating a luxury manufacturing style which continues to draw talent from its masterful heritage and its founder and never ceasing to innovate.

Inspired by an in-depth history and fascinating traditions, the candle’s pure and all-natural formulations have transitioned from 100% beeswax to blended wax paste made of vegetable substances, forming a unique blend, miscible with any fragrance, to guarantee the best possible burn and olfactory experience.

Hand made in Normandy and preserving the skills of its founder, Claude Trudon, the house imparts a meticulous 100% manual process. Extreme care is given to the creation of each product with each ingredient kept in solid form in a tempered warehouse to avoid any alteration and waste. The wax is melted overnight with the fragrances added in the morning right before the pouring. Candles are poured, wicks are straightened and surfaces smoothed out. Made of 100% pure cotton, each wick is perfectly centered and glued to the bottom of each jar, guaranteeing a perfect quality burn.

Collaborating with one of the most esteemed artists of this generation, Maison Trudon enlisted British painter and illustrator Lawrence Mynott to create an original drawing for each of the fragrances released. A control of pen and ink, stencil, paint and pencil underlines Mynott’s versatility in art and his signature attention to detail has brought and innate style, elegance and wit to the Trudon collections.

The first Trudon store opened at the beginning of the 20th century in the artistic Parisian neighbourhood of Saint Germain-des-Prés with a second in 2014 in the historic Marais. The brand also boasts flagships in London, New York and Sydney.

Trudon’s collections are available in Australia at the Paddington Flagship boutique, Agence de Parfum’s retail arm Libertine Parfumerie, online through www.libertineparfumerie.com.au, as well exclusively through selected niche boutiques perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

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