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24 Jan 2024

The Macallan has introduced A Night on Earth – The Journey, a unique single malt Scotch whisky created to represent the journey to reunite with loved ones and those unique moments around the world when we come together.

The second release in The Macallan A Night on Earth series, A Night on Earth – The Journey is encased in an innovative, multi-layered pack, created in collaboration with acclaimed Chinese mixed-media artist Nini Sum. Each layer beautifully represents the different stages of the journey to reunite with loved ones at Lunar New Year.

Providing an exceptional unboxing experience, each layer of the pack is imbued with meaning. The first layer depicts an expansive landscape: on the left, the night sky is strewn with stars and fireworks, progressing into a daylight scene of mountains wreathed with clouds on the right. The second layer featuring a blue colour palette with contemporary urban scenery creates contrast and surprise. Bright strikes of colour signify the mass movement of locals out of the city as they travel home to their loved ones. The third layer, with its yellow and orange tones, symbolises the warmth of lantern light and the feeling of coming home.

This limited-edition whisky was created using a perfectly balanced combination of The Macallan’s exceptional sherry seasoned European and American oak casks together with American ex-bourbon barrels.

The flavour profile evokes some of Nini Sum’s sweetest Lunar New Year memories – from the effervescent burst of fireworks to the milk candy in her pocket and the sweet smell of steamed rice pudding. The aroma is reminiscent of toasted oak emanating from the carts of the rice popcorn vendors on the brightly decorated streets of Shanghai. There is a nuttiness to the whisky, which echoes the sunflower seeds Nini’s family shared as they laughed and talked about their wishes for the new year.

Jaume Ferras, Global Creative Director at The Macallan, said: “The collaboration with Nini Sum focuses on the idea of bringing something special back to your family when you return home: the coming together of old friends and family, with reflection on the past year, and hope for the coming one.

“A Night on Earth – The Journey is a remarkable whisky which draws on inspiration from Lunar New Year. These complex and comforting flavours play an important role in this celebration, and an essential role in the flavour profile of this unique single malt.

“This is the perfect whisky to savour at special moments, best enjoyed with friends, family and loved ones while reminiscing of the year past and looking to the future.”

Nini Sum commented: “The steam coming off hot food during the New Year dinner is one of the most vivid ‘home’ feelings I remember. I wanted to re-create that atmosphere, those precious moments of gathering and reunion under a bright moon bringing us all together.

“During this time of the year, people who work in big cities go through the world’s largest annual human migration to go back to their hometowns for that moment of reunion with their families and friends. When the fire is lit inside and paper lanterns hang from the roof, you know there is someone there waiting for you to come home so they can welcome you with a hot meal and a hug.”

Bottled at 43% ABV, A Night on Earth – The Journey showcases the skill of the Whisky Mastery Team, and The Macallan’s dedication to incomparable craftsmanship and uncompromised excellence.

A Night on Earth – The Journey has an AUD of $235 and is available to purchase globally. For further information, visit www.themacallan.com.

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