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Davines NATURALTECH TAILORING - A salon-exclusive herbal hair infusion personalized to the client’s needs. Customizable professional hair care that blends nature and technology with a regenerative approach

02 Jan 2024

Developed through extensive research conducted in the R&D laboratories and Scientific Garden at the Davines Village in Parma, Italy – Davines introduces Naturaltech Tailoring, a new salon-only service designed for customisation. This personalized service combines the power of nature with innovative technology, prioritizing sustainability as well as efficacy, and can be adapted for any hair challenge or concern. With up to 24 different combination formulas available - with two-part formula meant to be mixed and matched - this versatile service can be tailored to suit any hair type or need, delivering immediate results.

4 serum bases backed by science - Each formula starts with one of four serum bases, to be selected by a Davines hair expert depending on the client's most pressing need: Volume - For thin hair, coats strands with cellulose fibers; Moisture - For dry hair, hydrates with plant oils; Radiance - For colour-treated hair, boosts shine with sustainable and certified RSPO palm oil; and Strength - For stressed hair, supports keratin structure with a special molecule from sugar.

The six botanical boosters enhance the effect of the serum bases, addressing a secondary hair desire. Each booster is formulated with a responsibly sourced botanical extract from regenerative organic agriculture, bursting with hair health benefits. They are harvested from the earth with as little impact as possible in partnership with local farmers who use regenerative organic agricultural processes. These have the potential to enable the soil to absorb more carbon, helping combat climate change and protecting biodiversity.

The 6 Botanical Extract Boosters are: Hydrating, Volumizing, Illuminating, Fortifying, Controlling and Blonde Brightening.

Together, there are 24 possible pairings. The Tailoring Consultation Digital Tool is an interactive quiz created to help professionals choose the best products and services for their clients add more than 40,000 options.

With Naturaltech Tailoring treatment it is possible to create two salon-exclusive services: Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment (5 Minutes) and Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic Treatment (15 to 30 minutes).

The formulas comprise up to 98.9% of natural origin and up to 98.5% biodegradable ingredients produced at the carbon-neutral Davines Village. Our bottles are recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

To learn more about Naturaltech Tailoring line visit davines.com.

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