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Aesop introduces Resonant Gestures - A quintet of gift kits to amplify your affection this festive season

23 Nov 2023

From the very beginning, music has played a key role in the Aesop experience. Aesop’s 2023-24 Gift Kits act as a thoughtfully orchestrated ode to the power of song, drawing inspiration from waves of sound that touch the skin and uplift the spirit. Collectively titled ‘Resonant Gestures’, each kit is named after one of give qualities of music, and is accompanied by specially composed pieces by Kiala Ogawa who mixes soulful jazz with afrobeat and Japanese funk to create soothing soundscapes. The tracks will be available at aesop.com/soundscapes.

"It has been a real honour to collaborate with Aesop again and be invited to create a soundtrack for their Gift Kits. The brief allowed me total creative freedom to devise something which fully expressed my feelings and my own personal response. I hope people will feel inspired when they experience the music alongside the contents of each kit." - Kiala Ogawa.

These kits include: Majestic Melodies — a quartet for the hands and body, Heartful Harmonies — a trio for virtuosos of hosting, Rousing Rhythms — a buoyant trio for the body, Tuneful Textures — a symphonic trio for the hands, and Fabulous Forms — a trio for on-the-go replenishment.

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