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21 Nov 2023

As the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women approaches, Gucci is engaging its community, raising awareness about this critical issue by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales and pre-orders of the Gucci Signoria slingback pumps in the Rosso Ancora hues to Casa delle Donne, a women's rights institution soon to be inaugurated in Florence. This exclusive release coincides with the sixth edition of the Florentine festival, L’Eredità delle Donne, from November 24-26, an event championing female empowerment that Gucci has wholeheartedly supported since its inception.

In Italy, red shoes have emerged as a symbol in the fight against femicide and violence against women with many Italian squares adorned with hundreds of red shoes - a silent march that is a symbol of protest and heightened awareness surrounding this ongoing issue.

Starting from the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25 to the end of the year, the Gucci Signoria slingback pumps in Rosso Ancora will emblematize Gucci’s commitment towards the fight against gender-based violence. These pumps were presented for the first time in September 2023 on Sabato De Sarno's debut catwalk, providing a first look at his creative and aesthetic vision. The logo chain, together with the sheen of the patent leather and the irreverent pointed-toe silhouette, creates an accessory that expresses beauty, strength, and freedom.

Part of the proceeds from the sales and pre-orders of this model over this period will contribute to a larger donation that Gucci is making to Nosotras Onlus, an association that is playing a crucial role in Florence by supporting fundraising efforts for the development of Casa delle Donne. Conceived as a collaborative space, Casa delle Donne will function as a central hub where various rights-focused organizations come together to pool their expertise and create meaningful initiatives for the women of the city.

“At Gucci we persist in our mission to intertwine creativity with influential advocacy, igniting positive transformation not only within Florence but across the entire Italian territory. Our support of Casa delle Donne is an extension of our brand's unwavering commitment to fighting for equality and women's empowerment,” affirms Jean-François Palus, Gucci’s President and CEO. “With their colour and the deep cultural significance attached to the cause they represent, the Rosso Ancora Signoria slingback pumps, showcased at Sabato De Sarno's inaugural fashion show, exemplify our commitment to raising awareness around one of the most critical issues affecting women today.”

This endeavour aligns with Gucci's dedication to promoting women's rights through both advocacy and concrete actions on a global scale, which adheres to the mission of Gucci CHIME, Gucci’s global campaign to convene, unite, and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality.

Throughout the Italian territory, the House remains unwavering in its commitment to championing programs aimed at combating gender-based violence and providing support to female survivors by closely collaborating with a network of local organizations. These esteemed partners include Associazione Artemisia and BEAWARENOW in Florence, Casa Internazionale delle Donne in Rome, SvS Donna Aiuta Donna with the Cascina Ri-Nascita project in Milan, and Cooperativa Eva in Naples.

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