Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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SIR. Introduces SIR. Jewellery – Resort 24’

15 Nov 2023

Inspired during the creative collaboration between SIR. founders and artist Frankie Tobin for the recent Resort 24’ collection, a new age of SIR. ready-to-wear was born. Featuring a series of singular earrings designed to mix and match, this capsule collection marks an exciting beginning for the Australian fashion house.

Crafted in 100% Brass Nano Plate with a few select styles distinguished by classic Frankie Tobin colouring, the truly unique abstract shapes lend to the nature of the Resort '24 collection, drawing into the sense of tranquillity and beauty that comes from being in nature.

SIR. Jewellery collection is now available online and across boutiques.

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