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DECIEM announces its month-long discount to continue advocating for intentional, slow, and conscious consumption

08 Nov 2023

There has never been a more urgent need for slow shopping.

With consumer consumption showing no signs of slowing down, brands hold a responsibility to encourage a better world of buying

For the fifth consecutive year, beauty innovator DECIM is announcing the launch of its November campaign, a month-long discount that encourages consumers to slowly, and intentionally purchase throughout the discount frenzy period known as Black Friday. Slowvember is back and here to challenge the Black Friday blueprint.

Sales and discounts associated with Black Friday have often been questioned for their integrity. On a day that promises to offer the best savings of the year, consumers are often left wondering whether they're being offered a bargain, or being led astray by complicated price amendments.

The added layer to the ever-evolving puzzle known as Black Friday is that consumers are left trying to navigate the increasing threat hyperconsumerism poses on the planet. The promise of a bargain battles against the conscious decision to purchase less and more considerately. The consumer goods industry lacks clarity.

In the midst of Black Friday discount hysteria, DECIEM is continuing its mission to create a clear narrative with its audience by making space of discovery and education. It’s message? Slow shopping has never been more urgent.

DECIEM is not a sustainable beauty company, as it does not yet have all the answers. As a business founded on transparency, DECIEM believes that any business (including its own) based on consumption cannot be truly and fully sustainable within the current limits of sustainability in business. Instead, the brand is working to minimize its impact on the planet, from packaging to waste management to water conservation. It is also using its voice and platform to build a better world of beauty. Slowvember hopes to raise awareness to the issues surrounding hyperconsumerism whilst offering an opportunity to shop slowly and think about skincare with consideration.

Throughout Slowvember, DECIEM is applying a 23% discount across all of its products on The Ordinary & NIOD websites and in its free-standing stories across the globe. By applying a saving for a month-long period, DECIEM allows people the flexibility to shop slowly and consciously for their specific concerns and needs. On November 24, DECIEM will transform its DTC point of sales into a transaction-free day as part of its long-term commitment and company stance against the practices of Black Friday.

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