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MECCA presents Holiday 2023 Collection, EVERYONE TOGETHER LOOKING SO GOOD

01 Nov 2023

Holiday is all about coming together and having some fun, and MECCA is going bigger and better than ever in 2023 to celebrate the joy, colour and sparkle that the holiday season brings.

Gifting stands at the heart of MECCA and this year we are bringing the very best in limited edition launches. From bold and bright makeup, festive fragrances and luxury skincare sets, MECCA has something for everyone on your list.

Residing on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the remote north-west of South Australia, Kaylene’s artworks incorporate pop culture references alongside traditional Anangu culture, in a playful interpretation of the artist’s personal experience of contemporary life in a remote Central Australian Indigenous community.

Kaylene’s practice links the traditional culture of her community’s Elders with the experience of the younger generation who have grown up with modern, outside influences. In a celebration of strong kungkas (women) and the sisterhood, Kaylene brings together pop culture references with desert community landscapes, interacting with native plants and wildlife, and engaging in traditional Anangu activities like hunting, collecting bush tucker and cultivating mingkulpa (native tobacco plant).

Kaylene’s artworks are rich in irreverent humour, bringing together two very different cultures and generations, inviting everyone to come together to have some fun, a sentiment which inspired MECCA’s 2023 Holiday campaign, a nod to Kaylene’s expression ‘Everyone Together, Looking So Good’.

Since 2016, MECCA Brands has partnered with the National Gallery of Victoria to collaborate with a female artist for its annual holiday packaging and campaign.

MECCA's limited-edition design is now a sought-after collector's item for beauty lovers across Australia and New Zealand. The bespoke designs developed from the artist’s existing body of work are represented across MECCA’s Holiday gift bags, wraps, tissue, boxes, gift cards and select products as well as materialised across the wider Holiday campaign.

For the NGV, the collaboration allows the gallery to acquire and display the works to help enrich its holdings of contemporary art and design. Additionally, and most importantly, the selected female artist has the opportunity to showcase their work and increase their artistic awareness within Australia and New Zealand, while being displayed at one of Australia’s most prestigious galleries.

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