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01 Nov 2023

Rainbow Studios are pleased to introduce and showcase the works by esteemed artist Sarana Haeata who is celebrating her first solo exhibition in over 12 years.

Over the past two years, Rainbow Studios have witnessed the transformation of the Darlinghurst, Sydney, showroom into an evolving, creative hub. This space now serves as a platform for emerging artists while also becoming the Sydney home for their in-house jewellery brands, HENSON and HENSON & GOLD.

Rainbow are thrilled to be hosting yet another standout show, and are excited to be bringing Sarana’s work to their art community.

For Sarana, art is not just a passion; it's an intrinsic part of her being, cultivated from her very upbringing. Born into an artistic family, her father, an artist himself, not only nurtured her creative spirit but also became her mentor during her formative years. The love for art was instilled in her from an early age, so much so that it wasn't just a career choice – it was a path that formed naturally.

I Send Myself Love Letters is an exhibition of canvas and ceramic works by Sarana Haeata that explore the power of self-acceptance versus mass acceptance. Through a series of abstract figurative pieces Sarana channels dreamlike feelings of freedom: To dive and fly, fall and rest knowing that we as individuals, naked beneath our socially constructed identities, are indeed, more than enough.

Sarana Haeata is a Maori-Australian artist whose works span across painting, digital art and ceramics. From her home studio in the rugged desert country of Alice Springs, Sarana explores the beauty and nuances held in shared stories, collective and individual identity and the female experience. Her work is heavily influenced by the joy and exasperation of being a mum to four young daughters whose laughter keeps her sane, whose tears demand she stay focused on what’s important and whose presence meant that showering time throughout her twenties was kept to a bare minimum.

Don’t worry, Sarana now showers on a regular basis.

Exhibition will open from 5pm on Thursday 2 November, 2023 Rainbow Studios, 348 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.

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