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Rogue Beauty presents Oribe Limited Edition Holiday Collections

18 Oct 2023

Oribe's Limited Edition Holiday Collections are the gift that keeps on giving for yourself or loved ones, so make a list, and check it twice.  

Rogue Beauty's luxurious hair care collections consist of only the best-in-class products from nourishing shampoo and conditioners to multi-purpose styling products, ideal for all beauty lovers. Not to mention the gorgeous limited edition packaging makes them all the more special! 

For the Holiday 2023 Collection, Oribe collaborated with multidisciplinary artist and designer Louis Barthe?lemy to bring to life the unique expression of heritage craftsmanship and vivid storytelling through seven limited-edition gift sets. For this collection, Louis was inspired by legendary hairstylist and brand co-founder Oribe Canales’ glamour and spirit. He drew upon the art of ancient Egypt to craft three unique vertical works that take their inspiration from papyrus scrolls. 

Titled, “Eternal Rituals,” the scenes tell the story of a sublime long-haired deity, whose magnificent hair flows upward like the Nile as it is tended by characters engraved in the colourful columns. The whimsical narrative celebrates the timeless daily ritual of experiencing self-affirmation and pampering through hair care.

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