Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Introducing SIR.’s latest collection launch, Resort ‘24 collection ‘Reflexiòn’

14 Oct 2023

Step into a mirage, an otherworldly landscape that exists somewhere between a physical space and the unknown. Resort ‘24 draws on the beauty of the natural world and the sense of tranquility that comes from being in nature.

Elements call to organic forms, met with prints that mimic the undulating waves of sand dunes and the hazy oasis on the horizon. Silhouettes shadowed by the sun in a palette found from the sky to the sand across are recast in quintessential SIR. style – reimagined to compose a collection reinforcing the feeling of an eternal summer.

Crochet motifs are placed on relaxed linen essentials adding intricacy and light. Stacked resin beads adorn ready-to-wear and swim akin to organic rock formations found through the tides of the natural world, adding unexpected balance to asymmetric shapes.

Resort ‘24 welcomes an artistic collaboration with LA based Artist, Frankie Tobin – formed through the concept of a simple composition, a stirring permission to live as our most whole selves. “If a women could wear her true worth like clothing. If she could feel held by the depth of her own existence, she would have little left to fear” – Frankie Tobin. A notion formed through organic shapes painted exclusively for SIR., cast across swim and silk ready-to- wear pieces detailed with aforementioned stacked beads.

Signature SIR. silhouettes are given new life through updated palettes and shapes across luxe linen, silk and modern tailoring all synonymous with SIR. Evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity often found through the wonders of the world.

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