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Introducing the Twist Collection by Olivia Bond Diamonds

11 Oct 2023

An ode to the bygone practice of tying a piece of string around your finger as an aide-me?moire; each piece is designed to further this sentiment, serving as a reminder of a significant moment in life.

The Collection masterfully plays on the juxtaposition of the strong and soft, the unyielding and flexible, the sculptural and structured, with each piece paying homage to the kinetic form of a twist through an OBD lens. Crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold and set with Diamonds and precious coloured gemstones, the Collection features necklaces, rings, bracelets and bangles.

As always with OBD, the Twist Collection is as much about history as it is reinvention: creating precious new memories while recalling sentimental moments in time — talismans to treasure forever.

Available now at oliviabonddiamonds.com.

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