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Creed introduces Carmina, For the Unapologetically Bold and Adventurous

11 Oct 2023

The House of Creed is delighted to announce the latest addition to its fragrance portfolio, Carmina – a bold yet sultry scent that will transport you on a fragrant journey to sensuous locations.

In a nod to the House’s esteemed tailoring origins, the inspiration for Carmina comes from Henry Creed’s fashion sketchbooks, passed down the Creed family for generations and which were recently rediscovered in the private rooms of Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie.

The pages were adorned with colourful dresses in voluminous, luxurious fabrics, which evoked a sense of grandeur and opulence. Carmina captures the spirit of the bold and passionate women found in those sketches; the ultimate heroine who is ready to take on her next adventure.

The composition of the fragrance draws on this notion of electric sensibility. With powerful silage, black cherry and pink pepper add modernity to a heart of violet and muted rose. To add mystery, a seductive base of two of perfumery’s other treasures myrrh and frankincense unfold. Lastly amber and smouldering musks create a fusion of powerful yet ethereal notes.

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