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Renowned designer Marc Newson has partnered with Flite to present the ultimate electric hydrofoil

27 Sep 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration, visionary designer Marc Newson and revolutionary watersports company Flite have unveiled the world's ultimate eFoil. Flite x Marc Newson redefines electric hydrofoiling by delivering an unprecedented level of innovation and craftsmanship. No expense has been spared to deliver this cutting edge eFoil, already available for pre-order.

Flite, a trailblazer in the eFoil market, has integrated its expertise in advanced hydrofoil technology to complement Newson's vision. The result is an eFoil that boasts unparalleled strength, responsiveness, and efficiency. It replaces Fliteboard ULTRA L as the world’s lightest performance eFoil at under 20kg, including the Flitecell Nano battery pack. Marc Newson, the famed Australian creative, has designed everything from chairs and watches to boats, cars, and planes. Known for his refined approach that honours materials and processes, he has created iconic design for a host of leading companies including Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, and Qantas. He is the only industrial designer represented by Gagosian.

As innovators who focus on premium products, the collaboration between Marc Newson and Flite takes the exhilarating experience of Fliteboarding to new heights. Like many of Newson’s creations, this exclusive eFoil range is available in a limited release of only 999 boards. With his signature design language evident in every curve and contour, the key features of the Marc Newson-designed Fliteboard include:

The world’s first monobloc carbon fibre production eFoil: The MN eFoil mast and fuselage system has been moulded as one piece for the first time in a production eFoil. It is made from Japanese high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre, as used in the motorsport and aerospace industries. Leveraging Fliteboard’s patented unibody fuselage design, the MN eFoil propulsion system is the lightest, strongest and stiffest on the market, creating the most responsive ride possible. The premium carbon eFoil mast is available as MN Wave or MN Dual Drive. MN Wave is made slimmer for lower drag suiting advanced riders who like to fly over swell. MN Dual Drive comes standard with both Flite Jet and Flite Propeller, which can be swapped to suit rider preferences in only a few seconds using Flite’s unique Dual Drive system.

High-calibre carbon boards: Flite x Marc Newson is available in two sizes - MN60 and MN86. The MN60 is 4’6” for a responsive ride, making it ideal for experienced or lighter riders. The MN86 is 5’4” and provides sporty performance for novice and heavier riders. Improving on the existing eFoils on the market, both boards are narrower, for a more dynamic performance. Like the monobloc eFoil, the boards are constructed from high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre and set in a state-of-the-art autoclave to ensure the highest precision. Further setting Newson’s boards apart, the design features a single handle for removal of the battery, and integrated flush mounted silicon handles. Every detail of the board has been meticulously designed and engineered and crafted, including the unique rail shapes and the Voronoi pattern deck grip.

Intuitive controls: Newson has designed a new, premium Flite Controller to accompany the board, which simplifies and enhances the concept behind the original, award-winning Flite Controller. This ergonomic unit features a circular colour screen and interface, providing the rider with intuitive yet detailed performance feedback on a large display. Wave mode logs and displays wave data throughout your session.

Front wing attachment: Newson and Flite introduce a strong and elegant conical wing attachment interface made from pre-preg carbon and titanium, inspired by motorsport aerodynamics. This allows the user to experience reduced drag for the ultimate ride.

Market-leading Flitecell batteries: Using the same premium 21700 cells as electric hypercars, the limited edition MN Flitecell battery range comes in an orange anodised titanium finish.

“The premise of the Flite x Marc Newson range is that it’s designed with an ambition for higher performance, using the most refined materials. One could liken it to the Formula 1 version of the eFoil. It’s almost entirely made of carbon fibre which enables the primary components to be moulded as a single entity,” shares Newson.

Informed by engineering and materials, Newson focused on reducing the number of parts while improving the hydrodynamic qualities. Newson explains that “this project was technically driven, and the aesthetics were a result of the technical requirements. The carbon fibre construction means the product is more streamlined in terms of functionality and manufacturing processes - there is less assembly, which makes the board lighter.”

“Fliteboard is leading innovation in the eFoil space,” says Newson. “They do fantastic R&D, and their manufacturing is brilliantly executed. I was introduced to the founder, David Trewern, who knew of me and reached out with a view to work together, to which I responded positively. I had a pre-existing interest in the company as I have been using a Fliteboard for the last three years and this meant I had a degree of knowledge as a user of the product.”

Flite's CEO and Product Architect David Trewern shares that "collaborating with Marc was a dream from my early 20s at design school. What could be more inspirational for a designer than to collaborate with Marc Newson on what must be one of the world’s most exciting product categories. Like the original Fliteboard, this project has been one driven by passion.”

The Flite x Marc Newson eFoil is now available for pre-order through Flite's official website and Authorised Partners worldwide. For more information and updates, visit fliteboard.com or @fliteboard on social media.

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