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12 May 2021

Number one Marine Collagen brand globally Vida Glow, unveils their rebrand and new visual identity, ahead of international expansion. Australian-born, Vida Glow launched in 2014 with a clinically effective Marine Collagen range. Today, one unit of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen range is sold every four seconds. Prioritising product efficacy and innovation, the brand is committed to formulating first-to-market beauty solutions backed by owned clinical trials, striving to become the global luxury leader in science backed skincare and ingestible beauty.

“I created Vida Glow because I wanted to share the real results of collagen – I didn’t imagine the global potential. Now we’re paving the way forward in every sense, from the products we formulate to the markets we reach.

As we expand, we are taking the opportunity to evolve Vida Glow and cement ourselves as the international leaders in ingestible beauty.”

— Vida Glow Founder, Anna Lahey

An early entrant into the ever-growing nutricosmetics market, the collagen category alone is expected to grow to over $6.5 billion by 2025. From day one, Vida Glow has pushed the boundaries of quality and efficacy. Working from within, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen promotes optimal skin function, delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the dermis.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the building block of our tissues. By our mid-twenties, collagen production begins to decrease. This is known as the ageing process and is reflected in signs such as wrinkles, sagging skin, finer hair or grey hair. Natural supplementation through Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen increases the body’s collagen levels and stimulates fresh collagen production. Due to its low molecular weight Vida Glow’s hydrolysed collagen peptide powder is highly bioavailable. Put simply, the body can effectively absorb the collagen and put it to use. Scientifically formulated

to deliver visible results, Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen restores skin’s youthful appearance, improves skin tone and texture, plumps fine lines and wrinkles and promotes an overall improvement in hair and nail health.

Recognizing that customers scrutinize ingredients and demand transparency, Vida Glow recruited Australian skin experts in early 2020 to educate consumers on collagen supplementation and breakdown the buzz words that clutter the nutricosmetics industry. The expert panel includes scientist Dr Michele Squire, dermatologist Dr Philip Tong, dietitian Chloe McLeod and skin aesthetician Jocelyn Petroni. Soon, this panel will evolve to have an international influence, consisting of skin and beauty experts at the forefront of the industry, from the UK, USA as well as Australia.

For 2021 and beyond, Vida Glow will continue to innovate within the ingestible and skincare category. Challenging global industry standards and exceeding consumer expectations Vida Glow is committed to delivering revolutionary, first-to-market products, backed by science. All new releases will be supported by clinical studies, ensuring real and tangible results are delivered to customers. In tandem with international expansion across key territories - Australia, China, USA and Europe – Vida Glow will enter multiple new beauty categories via a beauty supplements range including radiance and hair growth products, alongside age defiance topical skincare.

Unveiling a new look and new packaging, Vida Glow’s signature Natural Marine Collagen sachets will be the first product to relaunch. Available in seven flavours, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen is available at vidaglow.com and will be available in online markets, including; Australia, USA and Europe. Vida Glow will be stocked in leading international retailers, as well as local leading retailers including Adore Beauty, The Iconic, Myer and David Jones.

Vida Glow’s first brand campaign will launch in June 2021.

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