Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Penhaligon's Solaris, inside your orbit, the whole world danced

15 Sep 2023

It was once upon a time. Not Quite such a very long time ago. About 152 years. William was a barber. Penhaligon was his name. He had left behind his Cornish sea, took a train and before long was hanging the sign with his name above the new barber’s shop on Jermyn Street.

The Sun, the source of everything, the cosmic beating heart. Behind each fertile spark of life; the eternal charge, The Start.

A celestial explosion, the Almighty’s hand? Heat, hydrogen, helium, and maybe sand?

Or a chariot-pulled orb moving across the sky, The mystery behind every ‘who am I’ and ‘why’? The superlative star that guides us all. Could it really be ... just an intergalactic fire-born ball?

With infinite unfolding powers, The Sun sets the hours, gives birth to flowers the reason we believe in something beyond ourselves our need for ceremony, rituals, with dance and bells. Solaris, Shiho, Sol, or Ra - or as Cherokee wisdom states,maybe just a jealous star.

Matinal resurrection, colourful end of days, the epic mixed with the everyday, the sun is one and shines all ways.

With Zenith-like, dazzlingly, lively citrus, that transforms as if dappled light and beams down to blend with blackcurrant, powerful, deep and still. Radiance that introduces a caress of white flowers, reminiscent of sun on skin, or skin on skin, a reassuring warming: divinely luminous. Sensational. Generous.

An ode to The Sun, timeless, and yet the world’s clock, reaching through time and space, a story of growth crops and civilisations the fragrance sets to the eternal solidity of cedar and sandalwood and smooth vanilla, rooting this moment in an eternal state of uplifting, celestial grace.

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