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30 Aug 2023

From September 2, 2023, in honor of Frieze*, Dior will unveil the Lady Dior Celebration exhibition at the heart of the Seongsu-dong concept store in Seoul. Reflecting the vibrant friendship between Dior and Korea, this ground-breaking event spotlights the unique history and virtuoso craftsmanship of the Lady Dior; a timeless icon in perpetual motion, constantly reinventing itself through the power of creative dialogue.

A symbol and a legend, the Lady Dior first appeared on the arm of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, and has since enjoyed an extraordinary destiny. A handcrafted treasure with architectural lines that magnify cannage, it is revisited with bold new twists, season after season, by designers from all over the world through the exceptional Lady Dior As Seen By and Dior Lady Art projects. Odes to the beauty of dreams and emotions, the forty-two reinterpretations by twenty-four emblematic Korean artists – such as Bahk Seon Ghi, Choi Jeong Hwa, Gigisue, Gimhongsok, Ha Chong-Hyun, Heewon Kim, Jay Sae Jung Oh, Jia Lee, Jukhee Kwon, Jungjin Lee, Jungpyo Hong, Kwangho Lee, Kyungwoo Chun, Lee Bul, Lee Hun Chung, Lee Kun-Yong, Minjung Kim, Oh You Kyeong, Ran Hwang, Soo Sunny Park, Suki Seokyeong Kang, Wonmin Park, Yesum Yoon and Zadie Xa – are revealed in this exclusive retrospective. To extend this exploration, works by international artists will also be presented in this space of possibilities.

Adding even more enchantment to this celebration, the Cella sculpture designed by Lee Bul will sit at the heart of this gallery of dreams. These leading creators, with their multiple imaginations, share the same goal: to translate and poetically sublimate the excellence and essence of the Lady Dior object of desire.

*Prestigious contemporary art fair starting September 6 in Seoul.

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