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Le Labo’s City Exclusive Collection is back!

02 Aug 2023

Le Labo’s City Exclusive collection was created to pay tribute to the cities Le Labo loves around the world. These fragrances are usually only available in the labs of the city they belong to, and nowhere else. This means no online orders, no shipping, no exceptions (some beautiful things are hard to get...). But once a year, and once a year only, the brand closes its eyes and let the City Exclusives leave their hometowns for the month of September to find new people to love them.

August 1 - September 30: City Exclusive samples and discovery set are available on the Le Labo Fragrances website and in labs.

September 1 - September 30: City Exclusive full-size fragrances are available on the Le Labo Fragrances website, in labs, and select corners - retailers.

Year-Round: City Exclusive scents are available year-round in Le Labo labs in the city they belong to.

City Exclusive 50ml, 100ml, and 500ml bottles can be refilled in select Le Labo labs worldwide for 20% off the retail price. Please visit lelabofragrances.com.au for a list of locations.

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