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Introducing Hermetica Paris Eterniris

28 Jul 2023

The Eau De Parfum Eterniris leads you into a most surprising composition: the concrete of iris plays a totally new duet with the oud oil. This perfume shows all its uniqueness and richness by revealing a white bouquet thanks to the lily of the valley accord. 

Velvety and hydrating on the skin, the fragrance features a new generation of green molecule produced according to a patented process from bagasse - sugarcane stalk residue from which the juice has been extracted. Obtained ethically and sourced responsibly, the formulation offers a greater sensorial quality to the fragrance, acting as a co-emulsifier and solvent.

In line with the brands ethos to create sustainable and green fragrance collections, Hermetica is pledging to plant one tree for every fragrance sold online. 

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